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 21 Oct 2015
 27 Nov 2012 Still, no more turkeys than there are below, I must not have been looking very hard. . First album since 1992, her writer's block relieved by the label's .. Tunisia and Egypt: Hamas, not Israel, has been 'normalised' by the Arab uprisings A compilation, draws 5 tracks from Patchanka, 9 from Puta's Fever,
 28 Jul 2009 Rock bravu has been summarily described as a fundamental hybrid of the “fusion . festive pachanga and punk, as Manu Chao had done with his patchanka. .. although he admits the ludic spirit as well as the normalization of the language . In each block a rowdy gang, in each village a furious band.
 26 Feb 2012
 $1.29. 3. Afternoon Tea in the Sahara · Normalize This! 4:21. 1. $1.29. 4. Sanctuary · Normalize This! 3:02. 1. $1.29. 5. Good friends · Set things in motion 3:28.
 Lars Nielsen 2 day hangover, 2 pin blocked cards and SO much vodka. Worth it Rumour has it that lots have been sold already! Get yours .. Visit Patchanka at: Buy the album Normalize This! on Itunes:
 Patchanka - Maria Y Juan, Patchanka - Doc Boots (official video), Patchanka - Set Things In Motion, Patchanka - Girl From Gaza, Handbold sangen fra the voice,
 13 Jun 2017 Considering how often King has criticized Trump on Twitter, it's not that surprising that the president is blocking the author. King, who received
 13 Aug 2014 Event detection on Twitter has been a popular research topic during the past years [5]. . Segmentation is defined as dividing the incoming information stream in homogeneous blocks. This task techniques: in his first experiment he combines raw frequency and relative normalized term fre- Patchanka.