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Using a 2011+ OS, nicer. I'd even choose Win8/Metro over ReactOS. - Linux is probably more adaptable to the constrained Pi than React-OS
 28 Mar 2012 My point of running ReactOS on the Raspberry Pi by using a Linux . as the OS can translate between the non-native program and the DLL)
 16 Feb 2016 The team behind ReactOS, an open-source reimplementation of Windows, each were responsible for development of that OS, yet the ReactOS team Photos: Five OSes you can run on your Raspberry Pi 2 (TechRepublic).
 10 Nov 2014 Linux Top 3: Raspberry Pi A+, Debian Freezes Jessie and ReactOS to build an open-source version of a Windows NT style operating system.
 To run Windows applications, one needed an instance of the Windows OS. Microsoft's Any OS can't be considered OS unless ported to Raspberry Pi. Jun 02
 16 Aug 2015 ReactOS is an opensource reverse engineered version of Windows. Pi 2 FAQ Thread Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, FAQ from the week of release I don't see a lot of value in trying to recreate a Microsoft OS from 20 years ago.
 Hello, i have made a tutorial how to get ReactOS in Qemu on a raspberry pi working. Have fun!
 18 Feb 2016 Zephyr Project real-time OS managed by the Linux Foundation, ReactOS an open source port of Windows XP, and Raspberry Pi boards are
 18 Nov 2013
 18 Jan 2013 ReactOS is yet another option, it is essentially an open-source OS that tries to Tags: bochs, pi, raspberry pi, reactos, win 8, win rt, windows 8,